PGOA Spring Shoot 2013

The PGOA Spring Fun Shoot turned out to be a short day due to threatening thunder storms and very high wind gust through out the event. The Soda Can event with the pistols was really great to see and the Balloon Shoot was fun also because of the high winds, the balloons were flopping around like a fish out of water ! There were several hard core shooters that managed to shoot through the foul weather conditions and here are the event results. Please see the Bulletin Board - Documents page for this shooting event discription and rules.

Bulls Eye Rifle Dennis Jaskiewicz 42 out of 50 Rod Bardo 38 out of 50

Speed Rifle 1st place John Stortzum 2nd place Rod Bardo

Speed Pistol 1st place Dennis Jaskiewicz 2nd place John Stortzum

Speed Revolver 1st place Dennis Jaskiewicz 2nd place Mark Thomas