Cowboy Action Scores for November are posted

Posted by rhunsinger on November 17, 2017 at 6:50 pm

Very chilly start in the morning for the last shoot of 2017 but we had a nice turn out with the Mifflin Kid taking the over all win. Dodge Bill and Lead Slinger Leroy was only mere seconds behind from taking the bag of gold from Mifflin Kid, guess they need to upgrade their mules and buckboard. Cougar Eye Chelsey left her Shotgun Shells back at the Ranch and had to take a 5 second miss for each that ran her time up 120 seconds, other wise she would have finished in the top 4. She is gonna fire her Ranch Boss for sure. We thank everyone that helped out this year and the 2018 Schedule will be listed very soon, See ya all next year !