September Buffalo Scores

Posted by jdavid on September 17, 2017 at 9:16 am

Here are the scores for the September Buffalo shoot with an updated year to date points, If you notice the YTD scores are a little higher it is because there was a quiches in the calculation of the monthly scores that is now corrected and after triple checking then again they are now up to date . I will also post this to the Mainville website for everyone to review.

We have one shoot left before the end of the 2017 Buffalo shoot , Ed will be bringing the trophy  to the last shoot so we can present it to the highest score and winner for 2017  who will have the privilege of getting in their home for the following year returning it at the last match in 2018 . We have three shooters that are within striking distance to winning Joe Bosch who is now in first place with Mike Laurie right behind him and lastly Ted Klebon who is in third position.  Let's try and make the Last shoot of the year a great one with everyone turning out.