Rifle Range

Our facility maintains a covered forty bench rifle range with targets set at 100, 200, and 300 yards. The rifle range hosts various Benchrest shoots throughout the year as part of our affiliation with the International Benchrest Shooters. We have held some of the largest matches shot in the county, making our rifle range better known throughout the United States than it is by local shooters. In addition, the rifle range hosts our regularly scheduled Buffalo Shoots and various other rifle competitions.

Pistol Range

Our facility has a covered pistol range with 3 seated shooting positions and a bench for standing. The pistol range has backstops in place at 50 and 100 yards, with movable target frames that can be positioned at desired distances.

The Pistol Range also host various PGOA, Pennsylvania Gun Owners Association competition fun shoots through out the year and these events are open to all who want to have fun shooting. 

Special Thanks to Arnold Halye, his son Joe and others who helped construct the range. The range roof bears a memorial plaque in the memory of: Randall R. Fritz & James W. Bashore.

Cowboy Range

Our Cowboy Range is a scenario based area consisting of 6 stages, 4 of which offer reactive targets. Each stage is set inside its own shooting pit. The Cowboy Range plays host primarily to our Cowboy Action shoots. In addition, the Practical Pistol, Sub Gun and 3-Gun shoots make regular use of various stages.

Inquiries can be sent to:

PO Box 567
Mifflinville, Pa. 18631