The Mainville Sportsmans Club is an organization founded in 1965 to promote and enjoy pistol and rifle shooting in all their various forms. We have members involved in bench rest rifle competition, pistol competition, Cowboy Action shooting, and many who just like to come out to the range and spend the day with their favorite rifle or pistol. We are located in the Northeast corner of Pennsylvania near Bloomsburg, Pa. about 5 miles east of exit 242 on I-80 near Mainville, PA. Our facility consists of a covered forty bench rifle range, a six lane Cowboy Action Shooting area, and an indoor facility for meetings and other occasions. The rifle range has targets set at 100, 200, and 300 yards.

We have various activities throughout the year for our different shooters. Bench Rest competition, Cowboy Action Shoots, Buffalo Shoots, and our Ground Hog Shoot are scheduled events and are usually open to all. Visit the Activities page for a comprehensive list and scheduling.

Please take some time to enjoy our web site and visit us on one of our open shoots.

Should you have any comments, questions, etc., please contact one of our Officers or our Webmaster via the Contact Us page.

Club Meetings

As we all know, meetings can be a very large pain in the fanny. Most of us just want a place to shoot and to relax on a sunny day. Our upcoming meetings however, will prove to be very important to all of us and we need to have a good turnout from our membership. We will be discussing projects at the club, officer elections, and other items that the members have on their mind. Please make an effort to support your club and attend these upcoming meetings!!!!

Our preliminary meetings were held in 2009 and we now have our new by-laws in place. All of our future meetings are now scheduled for the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm at our club house. Recently most meetings are included with a hot meal supplied from members or the members wife's. The meals are served at 6:00 pm and please leave a donation for their effort ! Please make plans to attend and help shape the future of our club and its facilities. We need your help!