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Our multigun shoots typically run in a 2-Gun format (rifle/pistol) unless otherwise noted for a specific date. Stage designs are geared toward practical defensive shooting and are often close quarters with most targets under 50 yards. Scoring is done using Vickers Count. Shooters who do not have a semi automatic rifle, or shooters wishing to complete the stages using only a pistol will have the option to compete in a pistol only class which will be scored separate.

Rifle/Pistol Class
Required equipment is a semi automatic rifle with at least three magazines, a handgun with at least three magazines, a belt worn (OWB) retention holster, eye and ear protection and approximately 100 rounds of ammunition for each. 

Pistol Class
Required equipment is a handgun with at least three magazines, a belt worn outside the waistband (OWB) retention holster, eye and ear protection and approximately 150 rounds of ammunition. Please note some stages have round counts of 30+ so plan accordingly for your weapon platform.

Retention Holster
Many of our stages require movement (running, kneeling, etc) with your holstered sidearm. All shooters must use a retention holster, and all retention features of said holster must be used (if it has a strap then the strap must be used). Retention must be sufficient to keep the pistol in the holster against gravity when turned upside down. Holsters failing to meet the retention requirement will not be allowed. 

As noted above, some dates may require an additional firearm such as a shotgun. Check the event schedule to see if any additional requirements are present for a specific date.

Registration is 9:00 AM- 9:44 AM, Mandatory Safety meeting (If you don't attend the meeting you don't shoot) 9:45 AM

Shooting begins at 10:00 AM and is usually done by early afternoon.

Safe gun handling is closely adhered to, with penalties for not doing so. We have a strict policy of handling all longarms by the butt with the muzzle down to and from the firing line. Your handgun will not leave your holster unless it is your turn to shoot.