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  • Safety Briefing at 9AM
  • All new shooters MUST attend the briefing!
  • Entry fee is $25 per class run, payable in CASH only.
  • Shooters must bring gloves to help reset targets when not shooting.
  • All shooters AND spectators must have hearing and eye protection.
The match is designed around standard submachine gun calibers. Only pistol calibers of .380 and above are permitted. There will be three classes for subguns:
  • Iron Sights
  • Optics
  • Rapid Fire
For individuals who do not have subguns, a post sample gun will be available to shoot, provided you bring 9mm ammo and a way to carry magazines. In addition, the following non-subgun classes will be available:
  • Shotgun and Pistol
  • CARBINE Rifle (pistol caliber) and Pistol
Armor piercing, incendiary, tracers, exploding, multiple projectile, steel core or steel jacketed bullets are NOT permitted.
There will be no food available on site so attendees should bring their own lunch (Arnold's Country Store nearby has sandwiches available). 
All shooters are required to fill out the forms below. Forms will be available at the range on the day of the shoot, or they may be printed out and filled prior.
Certification Briefing
Range Use Eligibility Form
Liability Waiver
Score Sheet
 For additional information, please visit the PC3C Facebook Page!